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Simplify B2B Pricing with Accelera's Intelligent Solution

Empowering Pricing Simplicity

Handling pricing complexities can be daunting when your B2B enterprise caters to numerous businesses, each with distinct pricing arrangements. Accelera offers an intelligent and sturdy pricing solution to streamline pricing administration.

Customer Segmentation

Are your customer segmentation and categorization processes overwhelming, yet essential for delivering superior service? Does your customer belong to various groups, encompassing multiple geographical areas and requiring diverse pricing rules? An exceptional pricing solution enables you to optimize the balance between cost and price. Accelera’s cutting-edge intelligent pricing tools make managing your pricing strategy effortless.

Product Grouping

Efficient product categorization is crucial for establishing competitive pricing within your business. Swift adaptation of evolving pricing strategies place you at a significant advantage over your competitors. Intelligent product organization can enhance your pricing management effectiveness by up to 50%. Accelera's advanced pricing solutions help you formulate multi- dimensional pricing rules, optimizing your profit potential.

Location Based Pricing

Catering to customers across the nation in diverse geographic locales requires managing intricate location-based pricing. Accelera's intelligent pricing solutions allow for effortless management of location-specific pricing strategies.

Pricing and Contract

No two customer contracts are identical, and neither are their pricing requirements. By customizing your pricing strategies to align with individual customer needs, you can outpace your competition and enhance your profit margins. Accelera's state-of-the-art pricing tool allows you to handle intricate pricing configurations effortlessly and integrate them into your order management system with just a few clicks.

Discounts and Charges

Boosting your bottom line is all about showing your customers they're getting the best deal. A cool tool that rewards them for buying more is just what you need. Accelera’'s easy-to-use discount and charge management tool, paired with the advanced pricing tool, helps you do just that, no sweat!